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I’ll go on vacation for the whole week.
I’ll be back on friday.
Feel free to leave us asks or things :3


I’ll go to sleep now, I hope I can be on tomorrow and actually do drafts

I love you all <3

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did disney really pay 4 billion dollars to buy lucasfilm just to do this

love it. every minute of it

When “Everything is Awesome” started playing I was like
~ Juliette§

Wrecking Ball though


"Shhh, it’s okay, Peter." Charles cooed as he sat the boy on the counter, pressing a kiss to his forehead. "I’ve got you, you’re okay." Charles had been just down the all when he heard it, a crash and Peter crying. The poor boy had been running about playing dress up in one of his suits and a pair of his shoes and he tripped, hitting his head rather hard against a stand and knocking over the vase of flowers Angel had brought up. He wasn’t seriously injured, thank god, but that bump was going to bruise and he had been cut by the glass. 

Fishing out a band-aid from the cabinet, Charles tenderly put it over the cut on his arm and gave it a little kiss. “All better, hmm?” He glanced out at Erik, giving a little huff of irritation. The other was supposed to be watching Peter, making sure the boy didn’t end up all bumped and bruised. 

"Why don’t you go play with Alex for a while, hmm? You can show him your new teddy." He said to the four year old. Peter sniffed and nodded, wrapping his arms around Charles’ neck. It didn’t take long to find Alex and Raven, both lounging on the steps. They were all too eager to take care of Peter for a while, bringing a smile back to his face almost immediately. 

"You were supposed to be watching him, what on Earth were you doing?" Charles asked when he closed the door, crossing his arms.

Erik had his arms crossed above his chest, looking how Charles was cleaning Peter and making him feel better, the boy had been crying during all those minutes and personally that was something that was annoying for Erik but Peter was a baby and he knew it so there were nothing he could do about it.

When Peter went with Raven and Alex he knew that he was in trouble, he could almost heard Charles being all motherly now. “I was taking care of him, he was playing. It wasn’t my fault.” He gestured with his hand towards the door. “Kids are like immortal Charles, he has to learn that his actions have consequences. If you’re going to run like a crazy then this things happen, let him cry or whatever, he’ll be fine.”

It had been just some week since Peter was living with Erik, he loved the boy more than he would admit but he believes that the kids can heal themselves, at least with small injuries like tiny wounds on the knees or elbows. It happened to him all the time, it was part of growing up.

"Not because you were a spoiled little prince all of the kids have to be one. He will grow up strong."

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for every ‘hacker’ i get, i’ll write something my muse has hiding on their computer



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Now that I have your attention…
I’ll go on vacation for a week
And the trip will be long and my actual music bores me now, so…
You should tell me some good trip songs (?) or your fav songs or whatever because
I’m in need of new music.

{obligatory question mark} ?